What is Google Maps?

In the 21st century, getting lost has become a thing of the past, thanks to Google Maps. Google Maps allows you to search, explore, and find your way all over the world using your computer, mobile phone or tablet. It provides you with real-time navigation, traffic, transit as well as nearby places. If you want to find specific places in your town, Google Maps will provide you with the necessary information to help you get there. If you want to avoid traffic, the application will let you know the roads or lanes with highest traffic volume. It basically makes navigating your world much faster and easier.


So, what exactly is Google Maps? 

Developed by Google, Google Maps is a web-based service that provides some detailed information about geographical locations and sites all over the world. The service was originally developed as a means of providing motorists with driving directions. Although it’s currently the most commonly used service, Google Maps has become much more advanced and is now used for many different purposes.

It offers Street View (360 degrees panoramic views of the streets), satellite imagery, street maps, route planning for traveling by foot, bicycle, car, or public transportation, and real-time traffic conditions which is also known as Google Traffic.

For motorists, Google Maps offers a location service that utilizes the GPS (Global Positioning System) of their mobile when a wireless or cellular network is available.

By providing real-time traffic information, the service can help you find the best route to your destination. It dynamically re-routes based on the upcoming traffic patterns. This as a result helps you avoid traffic jams. Also, the service even suggests lanes which are less congested. It basically allows you to drive like a pro and avoid all road traffic hassles.

Google Maps for Websites

At its most advanced level, Google Maps can be customized and embedded into websites through its Application Program Interface (API). This allows website administrators and owners to display their business locations to potential visitors. If people get to know the location of a certain business, they are more likely to visit. Of course, this would mean more traffic and therefore increased profits. Also, the service allows web administrators to identify where visitors are visiting their sites from. By identifying visitors’ locations, they are able to provide products and services that meet their specific needs. Also, business owners are able to provide their products and services in proximity to their potential customers based on their locations.

Google Maps Location Finding

If you’ve just arrived in a new town and have got no idea where to dine or spend the night, Google Maps comes in very handy. All you have to is input the name of the town in the search box and every business will be displayed. You can even make hotel or restaurant reservations because the address and contact information of the businesses are also provided.

Explore the Universe

With Google Maps, traveling to Mars, the moon, and checking out the Milky Way has never been easier. You don’t need a spaceship to watch the universe. Everything you’ve ever wanted to see is right there on your device.

Google Maps has literally become an everyday use navigation tool for individuals as well as businesses. Nowadays, it’s just hard to imagine a life without this powerful yet easy to use service.

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